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Longer Life at a Better Price

Up to 70% Savings

From Old

To New

It’s a simple fact

Power and free trolleys wear out.  Especially when they are subjected to harsh environments such as heat, heavy loads, contamination or simply have cycled hundreds of thousands of times.

It’s also a simple fact

There are only two options to correct the problem.  Buy new and expensive trolleys or remanufacture the ones you currently use.  Replacing the trolleys with new is costly, especially with larger systems that can have hundreds of trolleys.  That’s why remanufacturing the trolleys and establishing a cost-effective ongoing preventative maintenance-remanufacturing program can be the best solution.  That’s exactly what CIGNYS does.


But there’s a catch.

If you’re buying on price are you getting value?  It’s all about price to performance, not just price.  Some remanufactured trolleys are built as if they were an afterthought by your local “junkyard” rebuilder.  “Pretty and clean” doesn’t equate to productive, viable and remanufactured.  Power washing is not remanufacturing.  It’s just cleaning.  And that’s the catch.  You need a company that considers the true scope of what it takes to build a remanufactured power and free trolleys.  And that manufacturer is CIGNYS.



Each trolley possesses critical differences in the way.  It actually works and the way it was initially built.  CIGNYS is keenly aware of these differences and rebuilds the trolley by combining experienced engineering with the state-of-the-art manufacturing and production facility.


Why CIGNYS is different?

CIGNYS has the experience and takes responsibility for the remanufacturing process of the trolley.  For over 40 years, the company has been a supplier to both OEM conveyor manufacturers and directly to the industries that use power and free trolleys.  CIGNYS has invested in  the infrastructure to establish a dedicated rebuilding and remanufacturing operation specifically for power and free trolleys…all under one roof.  That investment includes CAD/CAM software.  CNC machining equipment, programmable peen marking, specially-designed hydraulic presses and current shot blasting systems.


Return the confidence of your conveyor system

Old, worn and broken trolleys lead directly to lost production.  A trolley-remanufacturing program is a good idea and can pay dividends through the cost savings over new trolleys and by reducing production downtime when trolleys fail.  As a result.  If you commit to a remanufacturing program plan, you’re ahead of the game - both in terms of cost and avoiding unexpected downtime to your system.

For experience, focus and money well spent, contact CIGNYS for your power and free trolley remanufacturing needs.

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