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Get To Know Us

CIGNYS is a high-end design, engineering, machining, and fabricating company specializing in custom solutions for military, aerospace, automotive and more.


​Because our products are so reliable and versatile, one of our most consistent customers since the second World War has been the United States Military.  Both our Navy and Army Ground Support have relied on CIGNYS’s trailers/running gears, mobilizers, and jacks for decades and we are proud to support them.  We have manufactured custom and specialized trailers and mobilizers for radar systems, munitions, ISO shelters, and portable missile systems.  At CIGNYS, we know that our men and women defending our country need to be able to rely on the machines they use day in and day out.  That is why we have not only made lasting products of the highest quality and reliability, but have taken steps to make these devices increasingly user-friendly and capable in nearly any environment.  Versatility meets the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Soldier).


In fact, many of these products designed to keep our war fighters secure have been adopted by commercial entities as well.  Airports and other industries with heavy-capacity mobility needs, are increasingly utilizing our mobilizer and trailer technology to enhance their own ground support.  We have the ability to design, develop, and build products, and are also capable of manufacturing from supplier prints based on customer requirements.  Our team of experts is well-versed in reverse engineering as well as full-on development of new products from start to finish, and are thrilled to assist and be a part of each project.  Consulting with our engineers can improve the efficiency and functionality of your products.  Think of it as moving from dial-up internet to extreme high-speed 1 Gbps internet, but for the manufacturing world - and we do it all in-house.


In what we term Automotive Manufacturing Support, we are leading the market in remanufactured and new conveyor pieces.  Rather than manufacturing parts for automobiles, we have turned our focus to improving efficiency of the industry’s conveyor assembly line.  By remanufacturing power and free trolleys, we have been able to save companies millions while cutting lead-times down significantly.  From hoist trolleys to bridge cranes, rollers to monorails, CIGNYS will fill your order quickly and guarantees 100% satisfaction.  We keep your assembly line running smoothly and keep your costs down.


While we are well established in the listed areas, we are still growing in others.  CIGNYS is excited to be a part of the growing energy field and is working toward a more energy-efficient future, and has been more and more involved in the development of equipment for the aerospace industry.  We pride ourselves in expanding our base and growing with the times while maintaining our roots and integrity as a company.  CIGNYS has been providing quality metal solutions to America for over a century, and we look forward to another hundred years of exceeding expectations.

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