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100 Years of Metal Solutions

Our proud heritage started in 1919 in Saginaw, Michigan as a stamping and tool & die company primarily for the automotive industry. By the time World War II came about we evolved to the needs of the country and designed and manufactured more than 18,000 trailers with various fixtures for the war effort. Realizing the need for mobilization, we expanded further into, and beyond the automotive and defense industry and became a trusted name in the aerospace, industrial, energy, and extrusion industries.


Throughout the years, organizations such as NASA, Boeing, the U.S. Army & Navy, Subaru and Chrysler (just to name a few) have trusted CIGNYS to deliver quality products. Therefore, as our product line and capabilities grew, so did our locations. We now operate out of three facilities in the Saginaw area that house 210,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Designing, engineering, prototyping, machining, fabricating, painting – we do it all at CIGNYS. We keep America employed by making American products – something we take pride in.

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