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Engineering & Design

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Reverse Engineering

“Do you have a need to replace components that are no longer available from the OEM? Do you have equipment produced by an OEM that is out of business? Are overseas OEM component lead times, component cost, and custom requests causing downtime and delays? If so you may want to consider Cignys for a US manufacture of your replacement parts. Cignys has the ability to reverse engineer, customize or provide a new design to meet your specific needs. With Engineering, Fabricating, Machining and Finishing all located in Central Michigan, we are well suited to quickly provide what you need for your business to keep running. Using state of the art metrology and partnering with labs to identify material properties, Cignys can provide interchangeable parts to OEM specifications. We understand that failure modes must remain the same when producing parts to match, and are diligent in ensuring Cignys parts will perform predictably.  Cignys has the technical expertise, manufacturing capabilities and fast response time to support your needs.


Cignys has successfully produced monorail castings for a customer where the OEM is no longer in business. We have duplicated parts for a customer when the OEM located in Japan had excessive lead times. Cignys had customized components to meet a unique customer requirement; where the OEM was not able or willing to make a change to their mass produced design. Cignys had provided American Manufactured components to support customer requirements that American products are to be preferred over foreign manufacturers.”  

Advanced Software

Our design and engineering department utilizes advanced software to allow us to work from nearly any data file, including IGES, STEP, and Parasolids.


64-bit CAD stations allow us to work expeditiously from your CAD files, from blueprints, or hand sketches.

5-axis programmers and reverse engineering of mechanical products, as well as production run CNC capabilities with an 18 slot pallet system connected to two OKK 1000s means you can rest assured we will find the right solution for you and your projects.


Our software packages include the latest versions of AutoCAD, CATIA, Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, and MasterCAM to name a few.


The project teams here at CIGNYS consist of highly qualified design and manufacturing engineers along with skilled manufacturing technicians, all putting innovative thought into every manufacturing process.

Advanced Relationships

In partnering with CIGNYS, you're partnering with a team of engineers who care deeply about your project - a team who can see it through from concept to creation.  Whatever your needs are, we are here to assist and work diligently with you, not only to develop your products, but to develop a lasting relationship.

Let us exceed your expectations.

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