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Safety Jacks

Exactly the Right Height.

CIGNYS safety jacks give you protection against trailer collapse and tipping. Each jack supports a 30,000 lb. static load for sure-footed safety. Use a pair up front to prevent landing leg collapse. Use another pair to stabilize, and the trailer won’t tip even when forklift trucks are in use.
CIGNYS safety jacks have an extra large foot pad, too, so they can be used on almost any surface. And there’s another advantage to CIGNYS safety jacks: they meet O.S.H.A. requirements (as per paragraph 1920.30 (#)(3) of Federal Register, Volume 39, No.125. June 27, 1974. Pages 23, 695.)

Cignys Safety Jacks are available in two models to give you exactly the right height range for your specific needs.

Model 30435-1

Extends from 39'' to 51"

Model 14547-1

Extends from 45" to 57"

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