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Models with Flanged Wheels

This economical bridge crane kit comes standard with cast iron, universal tread flanged wheels containing sealed precision bearings.


The wheel flanges help to align the end trucks along the runway beams.


Each end truck is adjustable for 6″ to 12″ size beams without the use of special shims.


These models can be used as a top or bottom running kit if required.


Standard 2 and 3-ton models fit 3.33″ to 5.25″ flange widths.


Standard half-ton and 1-ton models fit rails to 5.08″ flange widths.


Add (-1) to the part number for beam flange widths of 5″-7″ or (-2) for 7″-9″ flange widths.


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1 ton CP. Flanged

2 ton CP. flanged

3 ton CP. flanged

1/2 Ton CP. Flanged

Cut Sheets

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